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Negative gauge values, All distance and related gauges



The following only applies to  UltraGauge with a version date prior to 10/1/12


Contrary to the limits described in the user manual, all distance gauges have a limit of 32768 Kilometers or 20,361 Miles.   For most users this will not be a problem as the various gauges will likely  be reset long before this limit is reached.

However, please note that this affects the distances gauges as well as any other gauge which uses distances.  Examples are Ave MPG, Ave KPL, 100L/Km, Ave MPH, Ave KPH, DTE, TTE.  These gauges will begin to slowly become inaccurate once the limit is reached.   To resolve this issue, please reset the various distances gauges and the Ave MPG prior to reaching 20.3K miles since the last reset


To zero the internal distance gauge that is used for mileage calculations, issue this command:

MENU -->  Gauge/Page Menu .. -->  Zero Ave MPG, G/H


The above applies to all UltraGauge with a version date prior to 10/1/12.  To check your version select

MENU --> UltraGauge Setup .. --> Version


An update was released for this issue.  Please see the update page

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