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Multiple vehicle use?


UltraGauge can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.  UltraGauge will scan and detect the protocol of the target vehicle automatically. UltraGauge accumulates distance and fuel usage data.  When UltraGauge is moved to another vehicle the accumulated data will need to be reset.

Also, any unique configuration and calibration may need adjustment. For these reasons, it’s better to leave UltraGauge in one vehicle.

If you wish to move UltraGauge to another vehicle to use the trouble code functions, this can be done with no regard to configuration or calibration. The only exceptions are if force protocol has been set or 9141 optimization has been executed. These configuration items will need to be reset prior to moving to a different vehicle.

If you do wish to move to a new vehicle, reset the device using the restore defaults command:
Menu --> UltraGauge Setup … --> Restore ALL defaults.
This command will fully restore the device back to factory settings.

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