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Display garbled on page change


The following applies to all UltraGauge EM with a version date prior to 10/1/12.  To check your version select

MENU --> UltraGauge Setup .. --> Version

The UltraGauge EM has an issue which will result in a garbled display, or other stange behavior, when the current page is changed. Typically this happens when changing the page to page 6 or 7.  Once garbled, UltraGauge may then reboot after ~16 seconds.  At this point UltraGauge will continue to reboot every ~16 seconds.

To restore UltraGauge, please follow the procedure below.

The issue is caused by unassigning a gauge.  For example, if RPM is assigned to zone 1, and this assignment is removed by changing the zone for RPM to blank, the display will become garbled next time the page is changed.
Avoid this issue by not individually unassigning gauges.
Please note that it is not necessary to first unassign a zone before assigning a new gauge to that zone.
Example: If Zone 1 is set to RPM, but you would like zone 1 assigned to MPH, simply assign MPH to zone 1. This will automatically unassign RPM, without issue.
If you would like to leave zones unassigned to make the display less populated with gauges, considering changing the gauge display format to display 4 gauges instead of 6.

If you must unassign a gauge, there are two approaches:

1.  Let's say zone 6=RPM and zone 1=MPH, and you would like zone 6 unassigned (no gauge assigned).   To unassign zone 6, assign RPM to zone 1.  This will unassign zone 6.   Now assign MPH back to zone 1.  Done! 

2. The "Unassign All Gauges" command can be used.  This will unassign all gauges on all pages and then new page/zone/gauge assignments can be made.
MENU --> Gauge/Page Menu .. --> Select Gauge/Page --> Unassign All Gauges

Restoring a garbled display:
1. Unplug UltraGauge
2. Set the ignition to the RUN position
3. Press and hold the MENU key.
4. Plug in UltraGauge.
5. Wait 5 seconds, Release the MENU key.  The MENU system will start.
6. Select UltraGauge Setup.. --> Restore ALL Defaults.

You will then be prompted to confirm.  Once confirmed UltraGauge will reboot and begin Scanning for the interface and protocol used.  Once found UltraGauge will begin Gauge discovery.
The down side of a global reset is that it will erase any configuration and calibration previously performed.


In addition to the corrections above, an update is available for this issue.  Please see the update page

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