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MPG gauges show "Err"


MPG Sensor Error

Many or all of the various MPG gauges display "Err" or nonsensical values.  Other gauges such as RPM, MPH, Engine Temp, display correctly.  This is a common issue on Ford F250 and F350 Diesels.


If your UltraGauge version, MENU--> UltraGauge Setup --> Version, is 9/14/10 or later,
please set the "Force MPG sensor" to "MAP".
This is set at: MENU --> Vehicle Setup --> Force MPG sensor.

If your UltraGauge version is prior to 9/14/10, your UltraGauge was disconitnued.  However, it may be upgraded to an UltraGauge EM

Please not that the Ford F250/F350 Diesels are not supported.
See the compatibility exception list for additional unsupported vehicles:
Compatibility exceptions

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