As minor updates become available they will be posted here. To receive an update:   EM Update

Minor updates may be released which include minor feature and or compatibility enhancements.  Minor updates are free of charge for one year from the purchase date. All updates on this page are minor updates.     However, it is necessary to ship your unit in to be updated, as it is not field updateable.  If more than 60 days from the time of delivery have passed, shipping costs become the responsibility of the customer.  USPS first class or USPS priority mail is highly recommended.

Each subsequent update incorporates previous updates.

Major updates, if any, which include significant feature enhancements, are typically not offered for free.

Engine Size
Vehicle's Protocol
UltraGauge Version
Models which experience "Comm Lost, Restarting" during the Gauge discovery process.  If your version, MENU -> UltraGauge Setup.. --> Version, is prior to 10/28/10, please create a support ticket.

EM - Earlier than 8/29/11

Customers with an UltraGauge EM with a version date earlier than 8/29/11:

The Alarm thresholds for RPM, MPH and KPH can not be set normally.  Please do not change the Minimum alarm value for any of these. If you do, you may restore the values by executing the menu command:

Menu --> Alarms --> Load Default Alarms

The work around for setting the high alarms is to force the value of the gauge to read the value desired and then enter the menu system and set the alarm.  Once Menu is pressed, it locks in the value and will allow that value to be set.  For example, RPM would be set as follows:

1. While in neutral run the engine up to the desired RPM

2. Press Menu

3. release the accelerator and allow the engine to idle

4. Go to the alarm setting for RPM. The only value that can be set is now the value of RPM just prior to pressing MENU.

For MPH or KPH you will need to be driving at the desired speed. This will require a second person as the driver should never use the menu system while driving.


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EM versions prior to 9/15/11

The Alarms for some Metric Gauges do not function. This applies to all UltraGauge EM with a version date prior to 9/15/11. To check your version select:
Menu --> UltraGauge Setup.. --> Version

An update is available for this issue. EM Update

Gauges Affected:
Coolant Temp
Fuel Pressure kPa
Intake Pressure absolute kPa
Intake Air Temp
Kilometers w/CEL on
Fuel Rail Pressure diesel (10kPa)
km since TC cleared
Evap Vapor( Pa)
Barometric Pressure (kPa)
Catalytic Converter Temperature (all)
Ambient Air Temp
        J1850-VPM EM versions prior to 9/29/11

For UltraGauge EM's with a version prior to 9/29/11:
MENU -> UltraGauge Setup.. --> Version

The UltraGauge EM is unable to read trouble codes for Vehicles which use the J1850-VPM protocol.  The J1850-VPM protocol is commonly found in ~pre-2006 GM vehicles and '95-'97 Toyota's and rarely in some pre-2006 Chrysler's.  

To confirm your protocol:
MENU -> UltraGauge Setup.. --> Version

An update for this issue is available. EM Update

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EM versions prior to 10/1/12

For UltraGauge EM's with a version prior to 10/1/12:
MENU -> UltraGauge Setup.. --> Version

Minor Bug Fixes include:
  • Gauge Unassign issue
  • Distance Gauges Limit
  • For some vehicles, the Boost Gauge may not factor in ambient pressure - very rare
  • Suspending UG Voltage and/or UG Temperature alarms may Suspend Trouble code and/or Pending Trouble code alarms as well.
  • Gauges with time formats can't handle large negative time well (For example, Time To Empty will go negative if your are beyond the estimated Empty point)

This update is free with in the first year of ownership: EM Update

>2008 All All All CAN

versions prior to 2/25/14

For UltraGauge EM's with a version prior to 2/25/14:
MENU -> UltraGauge Setup.. --> Version :

UG may not be able to read trouble codes on some vehicles. This only affects vehicles which use the CAN protocol and only those that have an internal CAN gateway. We have only seen this on late model (~>2009) foreign vehicles. This is very rare.

This update is free with in the first year of ownership: EM Update

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Ultragauge MX prior to v1.3

(roughly prior to 10/14)

Ultragauge MX prior to v1.3 can not access multi-frame data. The Ultragauge MX v1.3 was enhanced to accept multi-frame data which allows Manufacturer proprietary data to be accessed. No all vehicles support Multi-frame data.

This update is free with in the first year of ownership: EM Update Please place a note in the message box on the 2nd checkout page that you are upgrading to the MX 1.3