UltraGauge v1.4 includes a few enhancements and extra gauges which were added to better support select vehicles.
Primarily the EM Plus v1.4 & MX v1.4 were created in response to 2015+ Mercedes/Sprinter diesel vehicles which do not support fuel measurements.  UltraGauge v1.4 is designed to resolve this issue.

The enhancements in v1.4 are listed below.  For each enhancement, there is a link to a list of vehicles which are believed to support the enhancement. Please note that this table is good up until 2015 vehicles. We do not yet have updated information for 2016+ vehicles

If your vehicle is listed under any particular feature, it does not mean that your vehicle needs that feature for UltraGauge to operate correctly, it means that your vehicle will benefit from the feature.

If your vehicle is not listed for any of the enhancements, it is likely that your vehicle will not benefit from v1.4.

Enhancement Description
Fuel Measurements Certain late model Daimler/Chrysler/Mercedes vehicles do not support Fuel measurements, such as MPG, KPL, DTE, etc.  This enhancement resolves this issue.
Fuel Injection Timing Provides the real-time Fuel Injection timing in degrees relative to Top dead center.
Oil Temperature The oil temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Exhaust Pressure Exhaust pressure in PSI and kPa
Charge Air Temperature Turbo Charge Air Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Boost Pressure This is an alternate Boost Pressure gauge, for vehicles which do not support the Boost Pressure gauge found in v1.2
Fuel Calibration & O2 With select vehicles the initial fuel measurements will be grossly inaccurate necessitating fuel calibration.  This enhancement may result in little to no calibration required.  Also included are enhancements to Oxygen Sensor gauges

Please note that an update will soon be released for UltraGauge Blue which will also contain the above enhancements