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Adapter stuck in Update Mode


The Blue Adapter can run in 2 modes:

1) Normal Mode

2) Blue Adapter Update Mode

Update Mode is provided to allow for Updating the Adapter to provide for new functionality in the future or to provide fixes.

When in Update Mode, you will see a "Down Arrow" as the 2nd icon from the left in the Title Bar of a Gauge Page, and it will also show up as "Update Mode" if you go to the Bluetooth Connection Status screen.

If you end up in Update Mode, when you meant to be in Normal Mode, you can get back to Normal Mode by doing the following:

1) Remove the Blue Adapter from your vehicle

2) With the ignition in the RUN or START position, Plug the Adapter back in making sure to NOT press the button on the Adapter while plugging it in.

At this point, you should be in the Blue Adapters Normal mode.


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