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UltraGauge Blue Application will not connect to the UltraGauge Blue Adapter



  • Mobile Device has previously been paired with UltraGauge Blue
  • Blue Adapter is installed and vehicle is running
  • Mobile device is in Bluetooth range of the Blue Adapter (i.e. in the vehicle)
    • Apple: Settings->Bluetooth screen shows "UltraGauge Blue Connected" under Devices and the Bluetooth (Blue) icon on the Blue Adapter is lit
    • Android: Settings->Bluetooth screen shows "UltraGauge Blue" under Paired devices


UltraGauge Blue Application is not connecting to the Blue Adapter

  • In the title bar at the top of the Gauge Page (for Apple, need to tap Gauge Page screen to bring up the title bar) the Bluetooth icon has a red line through it.


A red line through the Bluetooth icon indicates that the UltraGauge Blue Application is not "fully" connected to the Blue Adapter.  In order to fully connect, the following must be true:

  • A Bluetooth connection must exist between the Mobile device and the Adapter
  • The Adapter has discovered the OBDII protocol of the vehicle
  • The VIN (or other identifying information) must have been retrieved.
  • The Application must complete the Gauge discovery process

Once all of the above are true, the application is fully connected



Set the Bluetooth connection retry to its minimum:Settings->UltraGauge Settings->General Settings->Bluetooth_Retry Interval

View the progress of the connection via the Connection Status screen: 

Android: Tap on the Bluetooth icon in the title bar at the top of the Gauge Page

Apple: Tap Gauge Page screen to bring up the title bar, then tap the Bluetooth icon 


The Connection Status Screen will  provide the following information:

  • Name of the Adapter to which the App is trying to connect (this will appear in a Blue box near the top of the screen)
    • If no device is listed, make sure the Mobile Device's Settings->Bluetooth screen shows Bluetooth as enabled on your mobile device and:
      • Apple: Make sure that on the Settings->Bluetooth screen "UltraGauge Blue" shows up as "Connected" under Devices
      • Android: Make sure that on the Settings->Bluetooth screen "UltraGauge Blue" shows up under Paired devices
  • The overall Connection Info/Status.  This field will show a high-level Not Connected/Connected status based on the Status Details described next.
  • Status Details:
    • Blue Adapter: Indicates if Mobile device has a current Bluetooth connection to the Adapter
    • Protocol: Indicates the OBD2 protocol which was discovered
    • Vehicle: Indicates the "name" of the vehicle.  The name can be basic info derived directly from the VIN such as the year of the vehicle.  If other information was entered about this vehicle in the Vehicle Info screen (such as make/model), it may also be displayed here.  If the VIN could not be retrieved from the vehicle, "Unknown" will be shown here.
    • Gauges: Indicates the total gauges being discovered.  As discovery is occurring, the number after the:
      • "+" will increment for each gauge which is valid/supported on this vehicle
      • "-" will increment for each gauge which is not valid/supported on this vehicle

If there are problems connecting, this Connection status screen should provide more info as to why the UltraGauge Blue App is not connecting.

Under normal conditions, if there is no connection, the app should automatically attempt to connect every 20-40 seconds.  You can force the App to attempt to re-connect to the Adapter sooner by tapping the UltraGauge Blue Adapter which is listed in the blue box near the top of this screen.  Click it once to view all Blue Adapters currently connected to your mobile device.  Press it a 2nd time to attempt to connect.


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