How do I know if the Adapter has discovered and is communicating with the vehicle?


When the Adapter has discovered the vehicle's protocol and is communicating with the vehicle, the Vehicle icon will blink regularly, roughly once ever second, the Attention icon will be off.

Once the UltraGauge Mobile application has connected to the UltraGauge Blue Adapter, the Adapter's Bluetooth icon will be lit solidly, and the Vehicle icon will blink much more rapidly as data is transferred from the Blue Adapter to the Application

On the Application, you can check the status of your connection by going to the Bluetooth Connection info screen.  To do this, from the Gauge Page, click on the Bluetooth icon in the title bar (for Apple devices, tap on the Gauge Page first to bring up the title screen).  On the Info Screen, an Overall Status will be listed near the top, followed by a "Detailed Status".  The Detailed status will present the state of:

  • Blue Adapter: Status of Bluetooth Connection to the Blue Adapter
  • Protocol: Status of Vehicle OBDII Protocol Detection (CAN/9141/...)
  • Vehicle: Vehicle Name if known (Year/Model/...) based on VIN
  • Gauges: # of Gauges on Current Vehicle

Note: The Bluetooth icon in the title bar on the Gauge Page will show as connected ONLY after all of the above detailed status fields have completed successfully.