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Will not pair or connect --- Blue Adapter continues scanning vehicle



When the UltraGauge Blue Adapter is first attached, it attempts to determine the vehicle's protocol.  To do this, the UltraGauge Blue Adapter will try each of the possible protocols until it receives a valid response from the vehicle.  This usually takes under 10 seconds.  If after ~2 minutes the Adapter is unable to communicate with the vehicle, it will rapidly blink the Attention Icon.

If the Adapter is unable to connect to the vehicle and continues to scan, as shown in this video, then there are three potential causes:


1.  The ignition must be in the RUN position prior to Attaching the Adapter and while attempting to Pair or connect the Mobile App to the Adatper..

A typical ignition switch has four positions; Off, Accessory, Run, and Start.

The ignition switch is the on/off switch for the vehicle's main computer (ECM). It is the ECM that UltraGauge communicates with.  If the ignition is not in the "Run" position, the ECM is off and communication is not possible.   While the iginition is off, the Adapter will enter a ultra low power mode and communication between the App and the Adapter will not be possible.

2. Your vehicle is not OBDII compliant.  

UltraGauge is only compatible with OBDII compliant vehicles.   Please try UltraGauge in a 2nd vehicle known to be OBDII compliant and that uses the same protocol as the 1st vehicle.

3.  UltraGauge is defective.

This is unlikely as UltraGauge is tested multiple times and directly before shipment.  Please try UltraGauge in a 2nd vehicle known to be OBDII compliant and that uses the same protocol.


Once Blue discovers the vehicle's protocol, the Vehicle icon will blink much more rapidly, roughly once a second.

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