Fuel Economy Gauge is off

If your Fuel Economy Gauges appear to be off, there are a few things you need to check which UltraGauge relies on to compute them.  Below is a description of what these Gauges are, and what is needed to properly compute them.

What are the Fuel Economy Gauges?

There are several Fuel Economy related gauges computed by UltraGauge.  They include things like:

  • Instantaneous MPG, KPL
  • Instantaneous Fuel/Hr (L/H, G/H)
  • Instantaneous L/100km
  • Average KPL/MPG (Short Trip, Trip, General)
  • Average KPH/MPH (Short Trip, Trip, General)
  • Fuel Level/Calculated Fuel Level (When Tank sensor not present)

How are the Fuel Economy Gauges Computed?

In order to properly compute the Fuel Economy Gauges, Ultra-Gauge relies on a few parameters which need to be input by the user.  So, if the Gauges appear off, you need to make sure the following are set correctly:

  • Under Vehicle Info (From Gauge Page, click on Vehicle name in top left corner)
    • Engine Size
    • Tank Size
  • In addition, you can Calibrate MPG/Fuel as well as Distance to make these Gauges more accurate.  To do this, you would go to the UltraGauge Settings/Vehicle Settings screen and choose "Calibrate MPG/Fuel" and "Calibrate Distance".  See the User Manual for more details.

Note: The Vehicle Info can be filled in by making sure the VIN is set properly, then clicking on the Cloud Download icon on the Vehicle Info screen.  UltraGauge will search to determine if it has the Info for your particular vehicle.  If it does, it will automatically populate those fields.  When exiting this screen, make sure the Engine Size and Tank Size are set correctly for your vehicle (it's best if you verify all fields at this point).

Once the above fields are set, UltraGauge will use this info along with things like Speed/RPM/... to compute the Fuel Economy related Gauges.