Fuel Sender detection

All vehicles have a fuel sender.  However, not all manufactures/models make the fuel sender data available via the OBDII port as per the OBDII standard.  If UltraGauge reports "No fuel sender", then standardized fuel level data it is not provided via the OBDII port.

With UltraGauge wired (MX, Plus, v1.2 or newer), the availability of the sender can be found here:

MENU --> UltraGauge Setup .. --> Version

With UltraGauge Blue wireless, the availability of the sender can be found here:

Settings-->Fuel Settings --> Fuel Level Detection --> Tank Sensor (Note: if Tank Sensor is not present, then the sender is not available)

The fuel sender data is only used by UltraGauge to detect a fuel fill-up event.  At all other times the fuel sender is ignored as it is horribly inaccurate.  Instead UltraGauge calculates the fuel consumption real-time and uses this data to determine the remaining fuel in the fuel tank.
If the fuel sender data is not available via the OBDII port, a fuel fill-up event can be reported to UltraGauge by pressing & holding the "UP" key for three seconds.

In general the newer the vehicle the more likely it is to provide the Fuel sender data via the OBDII port.