How to get manufacturer Gauges for my vehicle?

What Are Manufacturing Gauges?

These are Gauges (parameters) that the manufacturers add beyond the standard OBDII gauges for their own purposes.  Many are a duplicate of the Standard Gauges, while others are wholly separate and not included in the standardized OBDII Gauges.  Unlike Standard OBDII gauges, these Gauges are not focused on emissions and can be any useful parameter the manufacturer has seen fit to insert.    Manufacturer gauges are created and controlled by the vehicle Manufacturer.   They are proprietary and not public.  However, enthusiasts will reverse engineer their vehicles and often are successful at discovering proprietary Manufacturer gauges and they leak into the public.  To learn more see the FAQ

Which Vehicles have Manufacturer Gauges that can be accessed?

Many manufacturers access these Gauges through the same interface as the OBDII.  Others access the Gauges through proprietary, non-standard mechanisms.  Only manufacturers which use the standard OBDII interface have parameters that can be accessed by UltraGauge.  Typically Ford, GM, and vehicles with CAN interfaces can be accessed.  All vehicles sold in the USA since 2008 are required to support CAN (not so elsewhere in the world).   Vehicles which use the 9141 or KWP2000 protocol typically can't access manufacturer gauges.

How do I get access to these Gauges?

To simplify use, UltraGauge provides several pre-programmed common manufacturer Gauges for various vehicles.  These are provided for free.  There are a couple of steps required to download manufacturer Gauges for your vehicle:

  1. Upload Vehicle Info to the Cloud
    Go to the Vehicle Info Screen (From any Gauge page, click on the Vehicle Name in top right corner)
    Make sure the following fields are filled in correctly for your vehicle:
    - Year/Make/Model/Engine Size/Fuel Type (Gas/Diesel)/
    Note: You can have UltraGauge attempt to populate these values automatically for you by filling in your VIN and clicking on the Cloud Download icon.
    Once populated, click the Cloud Upload Icon to push this info to the Cloud.
  2. Download Known Manufacturer Gauges
    Now that the Vehicle info is complete, click on the "Gear" icon in the top left corner of the Gauge page and scroll down and select "Custom Gauges".  Then just hit the Cloud download icon. Based on the vehicle info, UltraGauge will then look up any known manufacturer Gauges.

If UltraGauge was able to find any Manufacturer Gauges for this vehicle, they will then be listed on this Custom Gauges screen.

Activating Manufacturer Gauges

Once a Gauge has been added to the Custom Gauge List, there is one more step required to be able to use this gauge.  Since these are "potentially" Gauges for your vehicle, they need to be verified to work correctly against your vehicle.  To do this:

  • Connect the App to the Blue Adapter in your vehicle
  • From the Custom Gauges screen, click on the Custom Gauge you want to activate
  • From the title bar, select to TEST this Gauge (For Android, click on vehicle icon)

From this popup, you can now select to test this Custom Gauge against your vehicle. If successful, the values returned from your vehicle will be displayed.  If the information looks correct, you can then select to make this Gauge valid/activated for this vehicle.  Once activated, you can now use this Gauge just like any other Standard Gauge (i.e. you can add it to the Gauge Page, set Alarms based on this Gauge, ...).

Note: If you make any changes to this Custom Gauge, you will need to go back through this verification process.

Help us Improve

As mentioned above, there are many pre-programmed Manufacturer Gauges which UltraGauge has provided.  If there are other Custom Gauges which you have created that you feel would be useful to others, we would love to hear about them.

You can submit a request to add them by going to the link below:

and submitting a Trouble Ticket.

Please provide the following info:

  • Make/Model/Year/Engine Size/Fuel Type
  • All the Parameter which make up the Custom Gauge

We APPRECIATE your help!!!