UltraGauge MX v1.4

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The UltraGauge MX v1.4 has all the features as described on our main page, except that the MX has the added ability to access non-standard manufacturer specific gauges, such as transmission temperature (if supported by the vehicle)
The MX also supports additional Standard gauges

Please note that the MX v1.4 does not contain the added features found on the UltraGauge EM Plus.

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UltraGauge MX frequently asked questions

The UltraGauge MX v1.4 is only recommended for advanced users that are very comfortable with technology and are familiar with the concept of OBDII codes.  For all others, we highly recommend the UltraGauge EM Plus

What's new with v1.4?

Compatible with vehicles which use these protocols only:

Protocol MX Compatible Protocol Found on:
J1850 VPW (GM) Early GM Vehicles
Ford Early Ford Vehicles
CAN All USA vehicles since 2008 *
ISO-9141 ** Early Chrysler & Early Foreign Vehicles
KWP2000 ** Early Foreign Vehicles

* See CAN note below
** Compatible, but accessing manufacture specific parameters is not available.  However, standard OBDII gauges not included in the MX gauge, can be added at any time if supported by the vehicle.  Learn more here.  All the base features described on our main page, will be available in the MX, regardless of protocol.

Only purchase the MX if you are certain that Manufacturer OBDII codes exist for your year, make, model and engine size.  Otherwise please purchase the UltraGauge EM Plus
The best source of vehicle codes is an automotive forum specific to your vehicle.

Compatibility: Please confirm that your emission sticker is marked OBDII compliant or certified.  In general, most* 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the USA are compatible.  This is not so for Non-USA vehicles, please see our compatibility page.
*See list of known vehicles with OBDII compatibility exceptions: Compatibility Exceptions

Non-USA customers: Please read our international shipping page prior to purchasing.   Please do not use USPS shipping unless you must.

CAN Vehicles
All vehicles manufactured on and after 2008 and sold in the USA, support the CAN interface.  Many vehicles prior to 2008 also supported the CAN interface.  Foreign vehicles also began switching to CAN in 2008.  If you do not know if your USA vehicle supports CAN, please use the Gauge Availability Estimator

Currently pre-programming is only offered for the vehicles listed below. It is being provided as a convenience, and can be reprogrammed via the simple user interface in the Menu system.  If your vehicle is not listed, please select an option with the same protocol as your vehicle.  This will provide a starting point to alter the programming to codes available for your vehicle.  Please see the FAQ to learn more.

In the box:
  • UltraGauge MX & OBDII Cable
  • Mounting bracket (depending on mounting option), used for optional mounts and custom mounts
  • Product information sheet.
  • Selected mounting option, if any
  • UltraGauge Protective plastic sleeve

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