UltraGauge Common Support Questions

Is UltraGauge Compatible with my vehicle?

In 1996 the US federal government mandated that all vehicles be OBD II compliant and support a standardized interface for external devices such as UltraGauge.  Vehicles supported include: Passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks, Class A, B & C RVs.


To be compatible, the following must be true:
  1. "OBDII Certified" is printed on the vehicle's emission decal or in the owners manual.
  2. Your vehicle is not listed on our compatibility exceptions list: Compatibility Exception


Many diesels are also compatible.  However, diesel trucks typically support very few gauges.  Please check the Gauge Availability Estimator

Additional information can be found here: Compatibility

Where is my vehicle's OBDII port?

Use this handy utility to find your OBDII port --> OBDII Locater

if you do not find your vehicle specifically, try other like model years.

Which Gauges are supported by my vehicle?

The standard gauges supported by UltraGauge are listed here: Supported Gauges

However, the actual gauges that will be available is vehicle dependent. Our Gauge Availability Estimator lists gauges that may be available for a vehicle based upon Year, Make, Model & Engine Size.  Use only for estimation purposes, results not guaranteed.
This utility is by no means comprehensive and is a work in progress, and your vehicle may or may not be listed.  If your vehicle is not listed, it does not mean that your vehicle is not supported.  It only means that currently this utility has no information about your specific vehicle.  Most 1996 and newer ODBII-compliant vehicles are supported by UltraGauge. --> Gauge Estimator

I have a question before I purchase

Please click on the ten large buttons at the bottom of the main page--> UltraGauge Main Page

Please see the pre-sales Frequently Asked Questions -->FAQ

Please review the user manual found here --> User Manual

If an answer was not found, please contact UltraGauge pre-sales support --> UltraGauge pre-sales support

Knowledge Base?

Please see our Knowledge base for a list of common issues and their resolutions --> Knowledge base

User Manual?

When shipped, UltraGauge does not include a paper manual. The user manuals are available on-line here -> User Manuals

This manual may be updated at any time.

I own an UltraGauge and have technical questions or issues

A comprehensive user manual is available on-line --> User Manuals.

If your question is not addressed in the manual, please see the knowledge base found here --> Knowledge base

If neither of these address your question, please submit a support request here --> Submit Support Ticket

Policies / Returns

Reward Form?

Learn more about the UltraGauge reward: Reward

Included in the box is a yellow sheet of paper.  On this sheet is a link to the website.  Once at the website you will be guided through a series of pages and ultimately to the reward form.  Directions on completing and submitting the form are contained on the reward form

The link on the yellow warning/information sheet is


You will need your email address and password to proceed.  The email address is the one used at the time the order was placed.  The password is one you selected at checkout.  If you have since changed your email address of your UltraGauge account, you will need to change the email address back to the address used when the order was placed, otherwise the reward form generator will not be able to access your order.


Reward disclaimer form can be found here --> Disclaimer

Note: If you have purchased more than one UltraGauge, you will need to submit a separate reward form for each using information from different vehicles.


Note: fully completed reward submissions are processed in 5-10 weeks.   Incomplete submissions will not be processed.

Examples, of incomplete submissions include:
 Missing reward form
 Missing signatures or initials
 Missing disclaimer form
 Missing packing slip
Any one or any combination of the above is considered an incomplete submission.

Note: reward forms are generated with our on-line reward form generator.  As a result the reward form will be customized to your order.  The reward form is subject to change at any time.  An example reward form can be found here: Example reward form


To learn more about the Reward: Reward

If you a question about a reward submission, please contact reward processing.  You will receive an automated response with more information.


Please avoid potential loss, make all reward submissions via email.   If submission are made via US mail, regular mail must be used. Certified mail, signature confirmation, restricted mail & registered mail will not be accepted.

Reward Numbers?

If when you enter the "Numbers" into the reward form, they are flagged as being incorrect, the most common cause is too many, too few or incorrect numbers. Generally, having a second person review your entries is the quickest means to resolve this issue.


Reward disclaimer form can be found here: Disclaimer


If you a question about a reward submission, please contact reward processing.  You will receive an automated response with additional details.

International Shipping

Do you ship to my country?

If at the checkout page you could not locate your country on the country list, Please contact support:  Submit Support Ticket

Shipment status, tracking number, Not delivered?

An email containing your tracking number is automatically emailed to you when your order is processed.  If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder and also verify the email address provided.  Roughly 1 in 50 email addresses are entered incorrectly.   The most common issue is that customers have multiple email addresses and are expecting the email alert at the wrong email address.

Orders are shipped from the central US.


Orders are processed and shipped according to the following table


Order Placed on Shipped on
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Friday
Friday Monday
Saturday Monday
Sunday Monday


It can take 24 hours or more for tracking information to be updated.


Please note that we have no more insight in to the status of the shipment than what is presented on the USPS or FedEx tracking site.

Tracking Shows Delivered
If the USPS tracking shows your package as delivered, then your carrier has scanned the package at the shipping address supplied.  Sometimes the postal carrier might leave it with a neighbor or often a family member receives the package and misplaces it.  If the package was left at your doorstep, it could be that the package was stolen.  Often your carrier will scan the package, thus changing the status to delivered, and then find that it will not fit in your mail box. The carrier then intends to drop it off at your doorstep or deliver it the next day or when the box is empty. Please speak with your postal carrier to determine where it is or where it was delivered and who may have received it.  The shipping box is 9"x4"x3". Print out a picture of the box to show your carrier:

International shipments
Click here for International Shipping information 

My Shipping or Billing Address is incorrect

If your shipping or billing address, or personal information is incorrect, please log in to your account under "Returning Customers" and make the necessary corrections. --> Account Login

Telephone Support?

In order to keep UltraGauge affordable, no telephone support is available. All support is provided via our support ticket system or via email.

Support is available Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9am to 5pm central time.

Attempted order fails, PayPal declines transaction

Check-out page reloads
The most common problem experienced while attempting to place an order occurs when the City and Postal Code do not match.  The final checkout page will simply reload each time "Continue" is clicked.  This note is also contained on the final checkout page.  To correct the problem, please log in to your account and make the necessary address corrections--> Account Login


Credit Card Declined

Please contact PayPal directly @ 1-888-221-1161 to discuss a declined transaction.  The most common reason for a declined transaction is that the credit card number is already associated with a PayPal account.  PayPal assumes that the card might be stolen and blocks the transaction for your protection.

Check-out page - Cookies

If when you attempt to place an order you are presented a page which warns of cookies,  this is typically the result of anti-virus, anti-spyware, or firewall settings on your PC.  Rather than attempt to correct these potential issues, we recommend using a different PC to place the order.

I just placed an order and I would like to cancel?

Orders are processed typically within 1 business day, so you must act quickly. Please contact support, click here --> Email Support

Velcro and other Mounts?

 Learn more about mounts

Cleaning the Screen?

 A citrus based cleaner such as Goo Gone is highly recommended.  See the user manual for information on cleaning the display.  Please note that the LCD glass is coated with a polarizer that is easily scratched, as such, clean with care.

UltraGauge Classic versus UltraGauge EM

The UltraGauge EM supports Both Metric and English units simultaneously. The UltraGauge Classic only supports English units.  The UltraGauge EM also has additional gauges and features not found in the Classic. The Classic was discontinued in 2011.   A classic UltraGauge can be updated to EM functionality.

Manufacturer specific gauges (transmission temp and others)

The OBDII standard sets forth a good many standardized "gauges" which UltraGauge can display.   However, separate from the OBDII standard, many manufacturers have made available additional gauges, such as Transmission Temperature and others.  However, these manufacturer specific gauges are not standardized and each manufacturer may choose to implement them in a custom fashion.   The UltraGauge EM does not support manufacturer gauges.


Please note that the UG MX does support Transmission temperature on select vehicles

Can't Login, lost password

The Login screen asks for your email address and password.  The email address is the one used when UltraGauge was ordered, and is case sensitive.  If you did not receive an order confirmation, you may have entered your email address incorrectly.  If so, please contact support: --> Submit Support Ticket

If you have forgotten your password, click the link below the login marked "Forgot your password".  A new password will then be sent to your email address. We do not have access to your password and the automated password recovery is the only means by which the password can be recovered.


Note that the UltraGauge forum is wholly separate from the main UltraGauge site and shopping cart.  The account created during the order process is not applied to the forum.

UltraGauge Dimensions?

UltraGauge Dimensions --> Drawing

Does the cable disconnect from the UltraGauge body?  Cable Length?

The cable is permanently attached and does not separate from UltraGauge.  The cable is 6 foot in length.

Can I use UltraGauge on more than one vehicle?

UltraGauge can be moved from one vehicle to another. UltraGauge will scan for the protocol used in the vehicle automatically. However, please note that UltraGauge accumulates distance and fuel usage data in which ever vehicle it is installed in. It will be necessary to zero all accumulated data each time UltraGauge is moved to another vehicle. Also, any specific configuration or calibration will also need to be performed or repeated.

Where is UltraGauge Made?

UltraGauge was designed and developed in the USA by Ultra-Gauge.com.  UltraGauge.com is a US company that exclusively manufactures and sells UltraGauge.
UltraGauge is assembled in China.

How can I become a UltraGauge Beta Tester?

If you have a technical background and would like to help in the development of future features and enhancements, please send an empty email by clicking:Beta Testing.  You will then receive an automated response with additional information.


UltraGauge is sold to the public at wholesale pricing and is already significantly discounted.

Information regarding current promotions, if any, will be displayed on the main UltraGauge page.

Promotions end dates will also be displayed on the main page.

UltraGauge Main Page

Group buy Discounts?

Although UltraGauge is offered to the public at wholesale pricing, we do offer volume discounts primarily for automotive forum group buys.
Discounts are offered for group purchases of 50+.
It does require that a member of the forum take the responsibility to gauge preliminary interest, and then manage the overall group buy at the forum end.
If you are interested in managing a group buy for your forum and would like to learn more, please create a support ticket and request more information: Support Ticket

If your question was not answered above, please contact support:

pre  sales: UltraGauge pre-sales support

post sales: Submit Support Ticket