UltraGauge manuals require Adobe Acrobat reader 9.0 or newer
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UltraGauge EM Plus and MX v1.4 manual (v1.4 first shipped 3/1/19)
UltraGauge MX v1.4 Programming supplement (v1.4 first released 3/25/19)

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UltraGauge Blue manual (discontinued)

UltraGauge EM Plus v1.2 manual (First shipped 3/4/14, obsoleted 8/1/20)

UltraGauge MX v1.3 Programming supplement

UltraGauge MX v1.3 & EM v1.2 manual (Purchased on 10/12/12 or later.   The EM v1.2 was discontinued on 9/20/15)

UltraGauge EM manual (Version 1.2, 6/27/12 through 10/11/12)

UltraGauge EM manual (prior to 6/27/12)

UltraGauge Classic manual (discontinued 11/14/2011)