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Questions about Account Name/Password


What is the Account Name?

When the UltraGauge Application wants to upload or retrieve information to/from the Cloud, it needs to have a way of knowing “who” this information is being retrieved/saved for.  UltraGauge uses the Account email/password for this purpose.  Essentially, this is a handle for Internet accesses from Blue.

By default, you can use the email/password you used when purchasing UltraGauge Blue for the Account name.

Sharing my Account Name?

You have the option of sharing the same Account Name between multiple Mobile Devices.  The benefit of sharing is that you would then be able to directly upload/download info between Mobile Devices.  For example, if you discover a Vehicle on one Mobile Device and upload this VIN/Vehicle info to the cloud, you could directly download this same info to your second mobile device. Same with saving/restoring Gauge Pages and any Custom Gauges you may create.

Obviously, the above can also be the downside of sharing:)

What if I forgot my password?

Forgotten your password used when purchasing UltraGauge Blue?  Request your password here

and select "Login" at the top.  From this page choose: "Forgot your password?"

What if I Bought/Received UltraGauge Blue as a Gift or My Email server if filtering a "Forgot your password" request?

If you do not have access to the original email/password used for purchasing UltraGauge Blue, create a new account here.

And filling in the login info.

Once done, you can use this login/password on the UltraGauge App for Cloud accesses.

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