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UP key does not work


While viewing any of the seven pages of Gauges, the UP key has no immediate function. Pressing it quickly does nothing.  The UP key does have a recessed function in that if it is held pressed more than 3.5 seconds, it will trigger a tank fill event.

The UP key is primarily used in the Menu system.  The Menu system is entered by Pressing MENU. The UP, DOWN, and Menu keys are then used to navigate the Menu system.   An audible tone is often associated to menu selection actions.   The audible tone is typically not associated with the UP & DOWN keys.

Note that for vehicles which use the 9141 or KWP2000 protocol, the keys may appear to be not working or impaired.   This will occur if the ignition is not in the RUN position.   Always have the ignition in the RUN position, engine off, while make configuration changes.

Please see the "Controls" section of the user manual for additional information.

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