INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INFORMATION now exclusively* ships via FedEx International Priority shipping. (See last section below regarding USPS). Our International FedEx priority rates are typically discounted 50-80%.

Order Quantities

Orders Shipped via FedEx International Priority are limited to 2 lbs. Total weight is shown on the shopping cart page. Our shipping cost calculator will show a dramatic increase in price if the weight exceeds 2lbs. Orders exceeding 2lbs must be split into multiple shipments.  If an order is placed that exceeds this limit, you will be contacted and your order modified.  If your order exceeds 2lbs, please divide the order in to multiple orders. Alternatively, please arrange to ship to a destination in the USA.  

The cost to ship one, two or three Ultragauge w/windshield mounts is the same.  

The cost to ship 1 to 4 UltraGauge without mounts is the same.

Customs Fees

The shipping prices quoted on our site and charged as part of the purchase do not include customs or destination country specific taxes & charges, if any.


If your order is a gift, please make a note in the message text box on the 2nd checkout page, and we will mark the customs documents as "Gift". No customs fees or taxes are typically charged for "Gifts".  Note that in many countries when the value exceeds a certain amount, the "Gift" status is ignored.


Greece, Israel, France, South Africa & Brazil:
Due to crippling customs fees in excess of the value of the order, will no longer accept orders to be shipped to Greece, Israel, France, South Africa or Brazil, via FedEx unless the following is entered into the checkout message box:  "I accept full financial responsibility for any customs fees and taxes".

If you failed to include this statement at the time that the order was placed, your order will automatically be placed on hold and you will receive an email requesting that you agree to and explicitly include the statement above in your email. This may delay your order as much as 3 days.


Some claim that when a package is shipped via USPS, no customs fees are charged, this is unconfirmed. Please see USPS below.


Company name:
Listing a company name at checkout can cause customs to assess additional customs fees. Apparently the view is that if a company name is used, then you become an "importer". Please do not use a company name at checkout unless necessary.


Brokerage Fees

We ship exclusively* via FedEx Priority International.  FedEx assures us that brokerage fees, if any, are already included.  If you incur brokerage fees, please let us know.  Please also see "Pre-Clearance fee" below.

Pre-Clearance Fee (►►MUST READ◄◄)

FedEx Canada, South Africa & UK and potentially other countries may arbitrarily apply a pre-clearance fee or "advance fee".  FedEx is assessing this fee for paying the customs/taxes in advance on your behalf.  Upon delivery, they will request the customs/taxes and the fee.  To avoid this fee please call FedEx or create an account here.   At checkout enter your new FedEx account number in the message box.  You must link your credit card to this account.  FedEx will then charge your account the customs/taxes but will not charge the pre-clearance fee.    There is no charge for creating a FedEx account nor are there ongoing charges for having the FedEx account.


Why chance it, please create a FedEx account, its free and easy and will be there for all your international purchases


Please provide your FedEx account number at order placement, it will be added to the shipment detail to ensure that customs is handled automatically.  Please add the account number to the message box on the 2nd checkout page.


This issue is only known to exist with Canada and South Africa FedEx and rarely with the UK. It is likely to exist with any country that charges incoming customs fees and/or taxes.   If in doubt, please create the FedEx account.

EU Countries

As of July 1st 2021, all shipments into the EU are subject to VAT, regardless of value.  In addition to VAT, some carriers like FedEx will charge a fee to handle the collection of the VAT.   It is the customer’s responsibility to pay the VAT and any fees.  The FedEx fee schedule is reported to be as follows:

  • If Duty/Tax is €0.01  -  €50.00, then Fee is 30% of the Duty/Tax with a minimum of €5.00

  • If Duty/Tax is €50.00 - €600.00, then Fee is €15.00

  • If Duty/Tax is €600.00+, then Fee is 2.5% of the Duty/Tax

It is our belief that orders shipped via USPS will only be charged the VAT and no fees. It may also be the case that with USPS, no VAT will be collected at all. However, this is unconfirmed. However, there is a higher risk of shipment loss and greater shipping times with USPS versus FedEx.


Verify your Address!

Please double and triple check your shipping address. There is little to no address validation applied to international addresses, so errors in your address will go undiscovered and your order may not be delivered.


Shipment Tracking

When shipped, an email alert will be sent. The email will contain a link to track your package.  

We have no more insight in to the status of a shipment than what is presented on the FedEx tracking site.

FedEx International Priority

Delivery is typically 3-5 days to 220 countries and territories. FedEx Supported countries.  While FedEx may ship to most countries, does not ship to all countries due to fraud and related issues.  

Do to crippling customs fees, will no longer accept orders to be shipped to Greece, Israel or Brazil using FedEx, see USPS.

Please note that there is an additional processing time prior to actual shipping.

Orders are processed and shipped according to the following table

Order Placed on

Shipped on















An email containing your tracking number is automatically emailed to you when your order is processed.  If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder and also verify the email address provided.  Roughly 1 in 50 email addresses are entered incorrectly.    


Please note that FedEx will not leave the package at your door. They require a person to be present. They will attempt to deliver the package three times and then return it as undeliverable. Should FedEx not be able to deliver the package you will be held responsible for the shipping charges.  FedEx will leave a note each time delivery is attempted.  If you are regularly not at home during the day, consider using your work place or alternate address.


Orders are shipped from our Central Texas or Southern Oregon fulfillment center.


Please double and triple check your shipping address. There is little to no address validation applied to international addresses, so errors in your address will go undiscovered and your order will not be delivered.

*USPS International Shipping


USPS First Class International Shipping - See note below
First Class shipping is not insured and can not be tracked once the package leaves the USA.  First class shipping is very slow and it is not uncommon for shipping to take more than a month.  Average shipping time is 16 days.  First Class shipping also has a much lower delivery success.  Roughly 1 in 40 packages are lost.  Packages not received in 45 days are considered lost.  Orders over $200 can not be shipped via USPS and must be shipped via FedEx. Please understand that USPS international shipping is government to government shipping....and all that implies. Please see the Note below. Understand that by choosing USPS, you have decided that it was worth the risk to lose the entire cost of the order and the shipping amount, to potentially save on shipping. Its not worth it....Please use FedEx.


* Note
FedEx Shipping typically ranges from $18-28. However for rural locations and specific countries, shipping costs may be as much as $55-70. In these circumstances we can ship your order via USPS first class service(orders <$200).  However, for the reasons stated above, we recommend that you do not. If you are willing to accept the responsibility of a lost or delayed package, please place the following note in the message box on the 2nd checkout page.

I would like my order shipped via USPS First Class International. I realize the package may be lost and that there is likely no tracking once the package leaves the USA, and I accept full financial responsibility for the potential loss and for customs, if any.

Once your order is processed, you will receive a refund for the difference between FedEx and First Class International.  First Class International typically ranges between $6-$17.

For destinations which FedEx is greater than $40, the option for USPS will be shown on check-out page. If USPS is selected, the above statement is automatically assumed, and the customer assumes full responsibility.
If you have unwisely chosen to ship via USPS International, the tracking will likely show the package last in Chicago, SanFrancisco, other other major US city, and no additional updates. This is because the package can't be tracked once it leaves the USA
For USPS international packages that have been lost, damaged, mis-delivered, misrouted, or simply vanished, there is no one we can call or speak with and there is nothing we can do, as it is beyond our control. PLEASE DO NOT USE USPS INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING !