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Windshield Mount

Ultragauge Blue Phone Windshield Mount

The Windshield mount attaches directly to the inside surface of the windshield.   The phone is inserted into the adjustable jaws. The mount features an adjustable Jaw which can hold phones with widths that range from 1.75" to 3.75".  The Jaw can be rotated vertical or horizontal or to any angle.  The Jaw is attached to its base with a ball and socket which allows for 360 degree rotation as well as for orienting the jaw from 0-180 degrees.  The extra large 3.25" suction cup provides extra holding strength for even the most heavy smart phones.

Suction Cub diameter 3.25" (8.3cm)
Head rotation 360°
Head swivel 180°
Orientations Portrait or Landscape or any angle
Material Polycarbonate
Phone widths supported

1.75"-3.75" (4.44cm-9.53cm)


Warranty 6 months*


UltraGauge Blue Windshield Mount fully open jaws
Mount Jaws fully open

UltraGauge Blue Windshield Mount fully closed
Mount Jaws at minimum open

UltraGauge Blue Windshield Mount Lanscape Orientation
The UltraGauge Blue Windshield Mount can be oriented in Landscape or Portrait mode or at any angle.

UltraGauge Blue Windshield Mount Landscape orientation back view
Back view of mount
UltraGauge Blue Windshield Mount shown with smart phone
The ruler is shown providing proportion

Installation Instructions:

Failed Installation
If the mount was installed without following the instructions above, the suction cup will likely have been contaminated by the dirty windshield.  If so, it will be necessary to wash the suction cup in warm water with a little dish soap.  Rinse with very hot water.  Shake dry and then air dry until completely dry.   Do not attempt to dry the suction cup with a towel or paper towel.  Both will leave fibrous debris on the cup which will cause the suction cup to fail.  A hair dryer can be used to accelerate the drying.  Once the suction cup is dry, follow the installation instructions above.

If the jaw & mount have been removed from their protective plastic bag , they can no longer be returned as part of our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

* A suction based mount, like the windshield mount, is not a "forever" mount.  It is necessary to inspect the condition of the mount every so often and increasingly with age.  It is recommended to re-install the mount, as per the "Failed Installation" instruction above, at the start of winter and the start of summer, as a minimum.  Failure to do so, may result in the failure of the mount, and potential damage to your mobile device.

The Windshield Mount may be optionally purchased separately