OBDII Manufacturer Gauges

OBDII Standardized Gauges

The Automotive Standard known as "OBDII", defines some 135 parameters. Some of these parameters are mandatory, most are optional and manufacturers can support them or not. This is why available gauges are vehicle dependent and can vary with year, make, model and engine size. As the OBDII was created primarily for emissions purposes, most of the parameters are emissions focused.

Manufacturer Gauges

Most vehicle manufacturers have opted to include hidden proprietary parameters. These can be any useful parameter the manufacturer sees fit to include and need not be emissions related. If the manufacturer uses the OBDII to access their hidden parameters, then the parameters can be accessed with UltraGauge Blue. Such parameters can include Transmission temperature, Turbo Boost, Gear Indicator, A/C on/off, etc. UltraGauge Blue inherently supports manufacturer gauges. As Manufacturer gauges become known over time, they are automatically uploaded and available to the UltraGauge Blue mobile application for free. There is no need to enter codes. Ford and GM vehicles and vehicles which use the CAN protocol can benefit. Vehicles which use the KWP2000 and ISO9141 protocols typically can not access manufacturer parameters as the manufacturer does not use the OBDII to access manufacturer parameters. Generally foreign vehicles prior to 2008 use ISO9141 & KWP2000 protocols. UltraGauge Blue also supports manual entry to experiment with potential Manufacturer codes. As users discover codes, these codes become available to all users.

Conversion Utility

Built into the UltraGauge Blue App is a utility that allows Scangauge™ formated manufacturer codes to be entered and automatically converted for use on UltraGauge. Hence, any code supported by ScanGauge™ is supported by UltraGauge Blue. Please note that this utility is primarily for short term convenience should a code not be currently included in UltraGauge Blue, since over time UltraGauge Blue will inherently support all known manufacturer codes, regardless of format.

Pre-Loaded Manufacturing Gauges

As Manufacturer gauges are added for various vehicles, they will be added to this list. These manufacturer gauges may or may not work for your particular vehicle, as manufacturers can often be inconsistent, and vary parameters by year, model, and engine size. This does not mean the parameter can't be accessed, it just means that the codes used are not applicable to your vehicle. With the right codes, the parameter can be accessed.

OBD2 Manufacturer Gauges