ISO-9141 & KWP2000 Isolation Cable


This cable is designed to isolate the vehicle's OBDII connector and only breakout those signals that are defined for ISO-9141 & KWP2000.

In the early 2000's, prior to 2008, many manufacturers started inserting the CAN bus in vehicles and on the OBDII connector. The CAN bus is not OBDII compliant and does not respond to OBDII compliant devices like Ultragauge. Hence attaching an OBDII compliant device like Ultragauge can potentially impair this proprietary version of CAN.

This cable breaks out the following

Male Connector Pin
Female Connector Pin
4,5 4,5
Vehicle Ground
16 16
+12 Battery
7,15 7,15
Data Signals

Pins that are isolated: 1,2,3,6,8,9,10,11,12,13 & 14

Cable length connector end to connector end: 14.25" or 36cm
Pin 16 is internally fused at the male end.

While this cable can be used on any vehicle which uses ISO-9141 or KWP2000, it is primarily for those vehicles which have non-standard implementations of the OBDII, such that vehicle manufacturers have inappropriately used connector pin signals for proprietary uses.

To learn more:
Proprietary OBDII Implementation
Toyota Tacoma ABS knowledge base article.

Most foreign vehicles manufactured prior to 2007 typically use ISO-9141. The KWP2000 protocol is less used and is a variation of ISO-9141.

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