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How to Add a Gauge to a Gauge Page


Add a Gauge

To Add a Gauge, swipe to the Gauge Page where you want to add the Gauge.  Then:

  • perform a "long-press" (hold your finger down for approx 1/2 second or longer) on the gauge background (i.e. not on an existing gauge).
  • select "Add Gauge" from the list
  • then select the Gauge Type:
    • Analog:  This will create a round gauge with a floating needle which sweeps between the min/max configured values of the selected guage.  Can be displayed as a full gauge, 1/2 gauge (or any percentage from 0-360o).
    • Digital: Creates a rectangular gauge with a digital readout
    • Graph: Creates a rectangular gauge with a line graph which can range from the min/max values configured
    • Alert Icon: creates an icon similar to the dashboard warning lights on your vehicle
  • once the type is selected, an expandable list of all of the potential gauges will be displayed (Note: those marked with an asterisk are not supported by the current vehicle).   The expandable list will display gauges under group type titles.  This allows UltraGauge to group gauges by “type”.  For example, all the temperature gauges are under the “Temperature Gauges” list title, gauges like RPM/KPH/MPH are under the “Speed/RPM Gauges” title.  This makes it quick to locate a given gauge without having to scan through all the gauges in one long list.  
    Select a single Gauge from this list.


Once the above steps have been completed, the created gauge will appear in the center of the current Gauge screen.

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