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2012+ Mazda 3 and other models


The 2012+ Mazda 3 and CX5 and perhaps other models, have a defect in its computer firmware.  When the ignition is switched off, the vehicle's computer stays on and continues to provide data corresponding to just before the ignition was switched off.  From UG's view the vehicle is still running and providing valid data.  UG's reaction is to stay on even though the engine is no longer running.
This issue may apply to all 2012+ Mazda's or only some.  Mazda may have discovered the issue and updated subsequent computers to eliminate the problem.  There may also be an ECM firmware update available from Mazda.


Depending on your Ultragauge version, there are two solutions

Wired UltraGauge Versions:

To check your version select  MENU --> UltraGauge Setup .. --> Version

Version 10/1/12 or later now includes "Power-off Detect" mode 5 which will allow UltraGauge to power-off even in the presense of the Mazda defect.  See the "Power-off detect" section of the user manual for more details.  Never Change the default Power-ON detect mode unless you must.

Versions older than 10/1/12: Use "Power off Detect" mode 3.  Just after switching the ignition from RUN to OFF, switch the ignition briefly back on. This will cause the vehicle's computer to provide new data and UltraGauge will correctly detect ignition off.

 Wireless UltraGauge Version (UltraGauge Blue):

 "Battery Voltage below threshold" which will allow UltraGauge to power-off even in the presence of the Mazda defect.  See the "Power-off detect" section of the user manual for more details

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